Understanding Dorset Police's Role in the Community

It was an honour to have been out on the roads with East Dorset Police in and around Southbourne. Many thanks to Inspector Bader for arranging this session and for a fantastic insight into the admirable work of the neighbourhood policing team.

Stand Together - Holocaust Memorial Service 2020

On this Holocaust Memorial Day let us remember the terrible cost to the Jews and other communities due to intolerance and hate. We stand together to ensure this is never forgotten and to try and make a better world. We should measure people only by the nobility in their hearts - nothing else.

Launch of the New Bobby Van in Dorset

It was a privilege to attend the launch of the new Bobby Van initiative with Dorset Police. The van will provide security advice and a free lock fitting service to the victims of crime. In other areas that have such initiatives victims that have used the Bobby Van have not been burgled again.

Dorset Police to get 50 more Police Officers

David Sidwick welcoming the news regarding extra Police Officers for Dorset

Having lobbied extensively across the Summer to both the PM and Home Secretary I am very pleased to see the extra Police Officers becoming a reality.

My View on Drug Consumption Rooms

Drug Consumption Rooms in my view are about facilitation rather than rehabilitation. I sent the article below to both the Dorset and Bournemouth Echos.