My Vision

Vote for Dorset to be the Safest County

Cutting Crime – Keeping Promises and Delivering

My Police and Crime Plan based on what the people of Dorset told me has radically changed Dorset Police to be tough on crime, keep people safe and put victims first.

The plan was designed for 7 years and I would like with your help to continue to deliver for the people of Dorset.

My VISION - Dorset should be the safest county.

My MISSION - To cut crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB).


Justice – it must be robust and fit the crime

Fairness – we must be even handed to all

Community – we must strengthen communities so we feel safer

Respect – we must have mutual respect between us all and our institutions

The people of Dorset want two things :

Their Police to be visible, connected and engaged.

Their Police to be crimefighters  

These are now being delivered and I will not rest until everywhere from the largest town to the smallest village feels safe.


Vote to Re-elect Sidwick on May 2nd.

# Safer with Sidwick