Election Address for Your Area

This election is about who will be your PCC.

I am clear that it is about working for all of Dorset not just part of it. For that reason I have created election addresses for each part of Dorset. I cannot afford to post them to each household so I am reliant on voluntary deliverers who whilst they are fantastic can't get everywhere.

For that reason I have put them on this website so you can see them. If you would like a copy or some to deliver - please email me at david@sidwick4dorset.org.uk



Attachment Size
West Dorset (2.46 MB) 2.46 MB
North Dorset (2.56 MB) 2.56 MB
South Dorset (2.68 MB) 2.68 MB
Mid Dorset and North Poole (3.84 MB) 3.84 MB
Poole Dorset (3.29 MB) 3.29 MB
Bournemouth West (1.59 MB) 1.59 MB
Bournemouth East (2.83 MB) 2.83 MB
Christchurch and East Dorset (2.59 MB) 2.59 MB