8th August - Home Secretary / Lyme Regis / Sir Robert Syms

 Top of the agenda last week was ASB and unauthorised encampments.

  Busy week - Lyme Regis / Bournemouth / Poole  Home Secretary / Sir Robert Syms / Daryl Turner and lots of residents

  Details below:

On Monday I went to see residents in Lyme Regis and their superb Dorset Council Councillor Daryl Turner. We had a good discussion around the higher levels of ASB that they are seeing and particular the proliferation of drug use especially nitrous oxide. That is no laughing matter as its use can kill you or leave you with significant pain and other side effects https://www.talktofrank.com/drug/nitrous-oxide#the-risks

Apart from the harm to your body there is an environmental issue as the cannisters are left literally everywhere - we need to stamp this out and keep our youngsters safe and Lyme lovely.

West Dorset

On Tuesday I spoke with councillors and their residents about their concerns about unauthorised encampments.

As you know we have formed a SW action team comprising the Conservative PCC candidates and Alison Hernandez the Devon and Cornwall PCC - this allows us to have a stronger voice by lobbying as a team as we campaign to get elected to make our counties even safer. On Tuesday evening we attended a meeting of SW Conservatives with Priti Patel - the Home Secretary and we raised the issue of unauthorised encampments. Our communities are furious about people being seen to get away with these and the need for the stronger use of existing or new police powers... she’ll be announcing soon the governments plans around this.

I also raised the issue of variable police leadership across the summer in different areas and thoroughly welcome the announcement by the Home Secretary of a review of the PCCs looking at increasing their power as well as both accountability and transparency. They need to be objective with strong leadership and an ability to take and support tough decisions. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12352864/priti-patel-vows-to-get-tough-on-police-and-crime-commissioners/

Sir Robert Syms has also been robust in lobbying for the need for current powers to be used or greater powers to be bought to bear on unauthorised encampments. We compared notes and both are confident that the legislation will be both firm and fair when it comes forward in the Autumn. It was a pleasure to catch up with him and discuss this, the effect of Covid and inevitably ASB.

Finally good to see that we have an ASB survey happening and that the press picked up on my letter about the need https://www.sidwick4dorset.org.uk/news/aug-1st-fixing-future-asb-article

With Sir Robert Syms MP in Poole