Dorset Business Crime Survey

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1. What type of business do you own or work in? (If more than one please select the one you feel is most applicable)
2. How safe do you and/or your staff feel whilst at work? 10 = Extremely Safe
3. What is your level of awareness of The Modern Slavery Act? 10 = Completely Aware
4. Do you feel that the 2 National Lockdowns have led to an increase or decrease in the rate of crime against businesses?
5. Which of the crimes listed below concerns you the most? Please tick up to 3.
6a. Have you been a victim of crime in the last year? (if no skip to question 7)
6b. Please tick which of the below crimes you have been a victim of.
6d. Have you or your business been affected by any of the below? (Tick all that apply)
6f. If you said you claimed on insurance was it successful?
6g. Please tell us how you reported the crime
6h. Please rate the reporting experience. 10 = Excellent
6i. Are you more or less likely to report a crime next time?
7. Which of these business crime issues concern you the most? Please tick up to 3.
8. What preventative measures have you taken to deter crime? Please tick all that apply.