Improve Support For Stalking Victims

Over the past year I have been supporting the fearless and passionate Sam Bumford in her quest to raise awareness about stalking, improve victim support and get a stalking register for those stalked outside a relationship ("Stranger" Stalking).

To this end I have campaigned to get her a voice with firstly Katy Bourne PCC for Sussex, who also campaigns to address stalking, and then with the help of Michael Tomlinson MP to formally speak to the Safeguarding Minister Victoria Atkins.

We were very pleased to have been able to have a zoom call earlier in April - the day before the reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill. We are seeking to see if the multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) address our concern. We are awaiting information from the minister on this point and will then take this from there.

I have a detailed plan to improve and address stalking in Dorset having not only spoken to victims but also charities such as You First and the police.

NB: Photos pre Covid or complied with Covid regulations.